Beatrice Cointreau


Béatrice Cointreau was born into a long line of vine-growers and distillers in France.

With a Masters in law, in business (ISG), a degree in marketing and a MBA from Cornell University – Johnson Graduate School of Management in NY USA, she completed her studies at the Bordeaux Institute of Oenology and at the ISIPCA European school of perfumery back in France.

With a 15 years experience as CEO & MD of a Champagne Company (and 23 years looking after a 750 acres domain in Cognac) with a renowned success story of her own, she developed an international expertise as manager of various companies during a quarter of Century.

Béatrice Cointreau was honored by the French government, receiving both official titles of chevalier de “l’Ordre du Merite Agricole” for her input in the agricultural industry & the highest recognition of “Legion of Honor” for her civilian activities.

Member of the Wine Academy of France, Béatrice Cointreau has successfully managed a house of Cognac and Champagne for nearly 25 years. Great-granddaughter of the Cointreau founder liquor founder and granddaughter of the founder of Rémy Martin, she is proud to carry their values of entrepreneurship without working for those historical companies.

She is the author of 5 published books in both languages and distributed on both sides of the atlantic, all of them wine related, such as: “Sense & Quintessence” (Cherche Midi 2009), “Organic wine: the marketer’s guide” (Issued in April in French & Fall in the US 2015) and “C’est si bon Paris…by night” (May 2014).

“Nothing is as delicate and sensual as Champagne! Object of all desires, for its freshness and opulence depending on the cru, the vintage and the blend”

Béatrice Cointreau

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A Great Wine of Champagne, elaborated with the French way of life’s excellence “Art de Vivre à la Francaise”. This Champagne TRESOR de FRANCE is the quintessence of a multicentenial know-how crafted through centuries.

Champagne TRESOR de FRANCE
9 rue André Pingat, 51065 Reims (France)

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