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Let me introduce, with pride and happiness, this treasure, precious gem, rare and desirable. A great Wine of Champagne, elaborated with the French way of life’s excellence “Art de Vivre à la Française”.

This Champagne TRESOR DE FRANCE is the quintessence of a multi-centennial know-how crafted through centuries.

Making wines is my passion, I have been making champagne for almost 2 decades already , and I am proud to carry on my family’s values of entrepreneurship. My signature is a personal commitment, as after decades of experience, I sign each bottles as a seal of quality.

The bottle, with metallic hues, reflects that Champagne is meants for every single moment of happiness and enjoyment. Our wines deliver Champagne grown rich flavors, matched with the elegance of 20 generations of French winegrowers traditional know-how.

As written by Ernest Hemingway about champagne :

“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been grought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation thanm possibly, any other purely sensory things”.

Enjoy !

Béatrice Cointreau

“In Success you deserve it and in defeat, you need it”

Winston Churchill understood the true value of Champagne

Our Champagnes

Extra Brut

Tresor De France - Chanpagne Extra Brut Product

Admire the golden yellow reflections, crystal clear and brilliant of the wine, supported by a fine bubbles sparkling up with consistency.

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Blanc de Blancs Brut

Tresor De France - Blanc de Blancs Champagne Brut Product

Admire the attractive silvery reflections of the wine. The plentiful, fine, beautiful and bright white cordon of bubbles sparkles!

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Rosé Brut

Tresor De France - Rosé Brut Champagne Product

Sufficiently effervescent to form a fine, irregular stream of bubbles. A melon-mango color, more commonly known as “salmon pink” in Champagne.

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“With my wines, taste the pleasure of the day, embrace joy of the moment, and it will take you to happiness in duration, this is my wish!”

Béatrice Cointreau

Evocation Of A Inimitable Lifestyle Based On A Long History

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Symbol of knowledge and immortality the TRESOR is synonym of Excellence, Rarity and Quality.

TRESOR raises all desires because it is Precious Rare and Desirable.

TRESOR is based on Expertise, Savoir-Faire, History, Presence and Charisma.

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“TRESOR DE FRANCE” brand focuses on Excellence of a production, the talent of experts and the wealth of a terroir.

TRESOR de FRANCE becomes an object that is exposing a personal valuation tool.

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The history of France is one of the richest in the world and has always fascinated foreigners for its size and diversity.

TRESOR de FRANCE represents the history and the French unique “art the vivre”.

“Nothing is as delicate and sensual as Champagne! Object of all desires, for its freshness and opulence depending on the cru, the vintage and the blend”

Béatrice Cointreau

Beatrice Cointreau

Member of the Wine Academy of France, Béatrice Cointreau has successfully managed a house of Cognac and Champagne for nearly 25 years.

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“Yes! Champagne is wine! Wine of the kings and king of the wines that illuminates every dish through it’s powerful lightness and aromatic subtlety!”

Béatrice Cointreau

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A Great Wine of Champagne, elaborated with the French way of life’s excellence “Art de Vivre à la Francaise”. This Champagne TRESOR de FRANCE is the quintessence of a multicentenial know-how crafted through centuries.

Champagne TRESOR de FRANCE
9 rue André Pingat, 51065 Reims (France)

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